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Rainbow Bridge
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March 14, 2022: Several years ago Dekoda came to DLT confused, withdrawn, and underweight. His foster mom nurtured Dekoda, and in the years that followed the bond they formed became one of mutual affection. This love was enough to transform Dekoda's senior years from lacking to loving. Sadly she had to bid farewell to Dekoda today as he crossed the rainbow bridge. Our hearts go out to his foster mom in this time of loss. Run free, Dekoda, you are loved and missed... ❤️

August 16, 2021: It is with sadness that we post the unexpected loss of one of our sanctuary dogs, Max. He succumbed to renal failure and crossed the bridge today. Our sympathy to his family. Run free, Max, you are loved and will be missed... ❤️

August 15, 2021: Sweet little Romeo crossed the bridge recently, having spent many years as a Dachshund Lovers of Texas sanctuary dog. Romeo was appreciative and kind, and we are grateful to have known and loved him. Run free, Romeo, and enjoy the peace and comfort you so deserve after a life well-lived... ❤️

August 6,2021: It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to Scooby, who crossed the rainbow bridge. He was, in the words of his foster mom, the perfect foster, and he was a very sweet and loving dog. Age, as it will do, caught up with him, but he had many good times and a lot of love to share while in her care. Run free, Scooby, you are loved and missed... ❤️

July 18, 2021: It's with a sad heart we say farewell to Thelma, who crossed the rainbow bridge last evening. Thelma was a sweet senior who had spent years with her foster in long-term care for several veterinary concerns. Thelma was loyal, loving, always calm and caring, and was truly bonded with her foster mom. For a little dog Thelma had a big presence. She shared limitless love with her mom and we are grateful for the wonderful years that Thelma enjoyed with her. Run free, Thelma, you are loved and missed... ❤️

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