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Memorials And Tributes

Pay tribute to someone special and support DLT Dachshunds

What better way to remember or honor a special pet or person than by supporting our efforts to provide care and safe haven to dachshunds in need?

Whether it’s honoring a life or celebrating a birthday, wedding or new pet, 100% of your tax deductible donation will be used to support our mission.

* Minimum $25 donation to include a photo of your loved one.  After you make your donation, email the photo as an attachment to:

  In Honor of Jill Smith
December 2020

Merry Christmas Jill Smith (and Gus too!)!!
Your FAVE team is donating in your name because of your love and affection for dachshunds.
Wishing you & your family a Happy & Healthy New Year!

~Mich, Kelly, Gena, Chris, Kathryn~

 In Memory of Dollar
November 2020

In memory of Rachael's dachshund "Dollar"

Annette Calhoun 

 In Memory of Phil Bearden
November 2020

Thanks for the laughs and memories, being a nice guy, and showing us how to have fun. I know the party has already started as you begin your greatest adventure. You are missed.

Jean Evans and Family

   In Memory of Phil Bearden
November 2020

In loving memory of Phil Bearden

Roger and Gail Naeyaert

Taylor  In Memory of Taylor
August 2020

In loving memory of sweet Taylor, a ferocious squirrel chaser.
You will be missed.

Janis Jennings

Robert Lewis 

 In Memory of Robert C. Lewis
11/24/1941 - 06/18/2020

In memory of “Bob,” who was a lover of dogs who invested considerable effort, time and passion into canine rescue. 

The Judges and Staff of Probate Court #3


Weiner Man In Memory of Weiner Man
March 2020
To the sweetest boy, Weina, he will forever be in our hearts.
Made in honor of the most caring friend, Kathryn Fallon.

Lisa Bemus

Biscuit Weinstock   In Memory of Biscuit
09/12/06 - 02/01/20
In loving memory of our precious Biscuit who we adore and miss so very much.
B-man, you remain forever in our hearts.

The Weinstock Family

 In Memory of Olivia
March 2020
In loving memory of sweet Olivia
To Elaina Gross

LanI Seltzer

Tootsie    In Memory of Tootsie
January 2020
Donated in memory of my little girl, Tootsie who passed away January 10, 2020.
My heart longs to see you again. Thank you for coming into my life. I love, missy.

Mark Langston

Mason  In Memory of Mason
December 2019
In memory of Mason and in honor of my caring and beautiful sister Barbara.

Marlaine Meeker

Henry  In Memory of Henry Koesler
November 2019
Philip and Myrthala Haack

 In Memory of Butters Liu
November 2019
In loving memory of Butters Liu ❤️
Johnny Lam

IMG_3617 In Honor of Rhett Ross
October 2019

Chanel   In Memory of Chanel
December 2018

In memory of our precious Chanel who passed away December 3, 2018
You brought such happiness into our lives.
We will miss you forever. Mommy loves you. 

Hugs and Sweet Kisses,
MaryAnn Taber and Family

Maximus In Memory of Maximus
August 2018

Lady  In Memory of Lady
June 2018
In memory of Lady.
A wonderful dog who was loved and will be missed.
Thank you for what you do for Dachshunds.

Gill McKay

Trudy In Memory of Trudy
February 2018

In loving memory of Trudy.

Sarah Speed

Wanda In Memory of Wanda
September 2017

You brought so much joy to our lives in such a short time. We will always love you and we miss you so much! 

Greg, Amy, Baylor and Wyatt Scherer

  In Memory of Leola Mae "Sally" Cave
March 2017

From Donna Billings' L3 A31 coworkers

Leola Mae Cave & Fritz  In Memory of Leola Mae Cave
February 2017

Donna Billings

Teddy In Honor of Teddy
January 2017

Thanks for all of the great work that you do. We adoped Hamilton (now named Teddy) through DLT and our family LOVES him.

John & Aubrey Labanowski

Dignan Squirrelly Ray  In Memory of Dignan Squirrelly Ray
January 2017

It was a
privilege to have you in our lives. You changed our lives and brought us pure joy, and you showed us unconditional love in return. We will love you always.

Lindsy and Stanley

Miss Molly  In Honor of Molly
January 2017

On behalf of Miss Molly's forever home.
Adopted January 2013

Karen Elsafty

 In Honor of Rob & Anne Gullick
December 2016

Merry Christmas Rob and Anne Gullick. We are donating in your name because of your love and affection to dachshunds.

Patty Gullick

 In Honor of Buster
December 2016

Lesley Hagan


In Memory of Lucy Moon Smith
December 2016

Sponsorship for Otis' dental work.
From Karen and John Sims and "cousins" Winnie and Ruby
(Adopted through DLT Jan, 2016)

Ken Sherry In Memory of Ken Sherry
November 2016

In remembrance of Ken Sherry, father of Lynn Sherry.
From Mark Kenneth and the M2xc team.

Dickie In Memory of Dickie
July 2016

In memory of sweet Dickie. And condolences to Matthew and Heidi.
We miss your little rescue buddy.

 In Memory of Steven McGilvra
June 2016

Becky Kinser

 In Honor of Lily Hall
June 2016

Stephanie Taylor

 In Memory of Dave Kessock
May 2016

Kelley McSpadden

Sherlock  In Memory of Sherlock
May 2016

Sherlock - 8 wonderful years of pure joy!
We miss you so much.

Sue Breast
Peggy Outly

  In Memory of Dave Kessock
May 2016

Arlene Mierow

  In Memory of Dave Kessock
May 2016

In memory of Dave Kessock. Dave loved his dachshunds!

Marj Riddle

 In Honor Of Beverly Travis
February 2016

In honor of Beverly Travis and all she has done to help rescue dogs.

Jan Belcher

Caesar  In Memory of Caesar
February 2016

In memory of Caesar.
You brought us much joy and love for 17 years.

Kelly & Philip Parsons

In Memory of Elizabeth Louella Holley
February 2016

Kim Canney and Brendi Gentry & Family

Ziggy and Bucky
In Honor of Nancy Eaton
And In Memory of Larry, Ziggy and Bucky
December 2015
In honor of Nancy Eaton's milestone birthday, and in memory of her beloved dachshunds Larry, the food thief, and inseparable buddies Ziggy and Bucky.

Kathy Cox

 In Honor of Stephanie and Max
December 2015

Abagail Washington

Opie In Memory of Opie
November 2015

You were my sweetest foster boy. I can still picture you running up and down the fence, sunbathing in the backyard and singing along with me. I miss you sweet Opie. You left us much too soon.

Holly Holstead

Annie In Memory of Annie
November 2015

You were my very first foster baby girl. You came into my home so full of life and brought me such joy in the short time you were with me. Your mom and you brother Coco miss you so much. You left us much too soon.

Holly Holstead

Daphney  In Memory of Daphne
November 2015

You brought so much joy and laughter into your mom's life. You left us much too soon. You are loved and missed sweet baby girl.

Holly Holstead

Miss Kitty In Memory of Miss Kitty
November 2015

Miss Kitty - Your personality was SO much bigger than your little body. Thank you for making us smile and laugh every day - you were such a blessing! Many thanks to DLT for taking care of Kitty's extreme medical issues and allowing me to foster her.

Lisa, Copper & Rocket

 In Memory of Della Mae Shaw
August 3, 2015

Mr Sparky In Memory of Sparky
May 2015

Thank you DLT for rescuing our little boy. We will miss seeing you chasing squirrels, squeaking toys, digging in your sheet and waking up barking so excited for breakfast. We were lucky to have you in our lives and you will be forever in our memories.

We love you little Sparks,
Staci & Mark

Dash Stubs In Memory of Dash Stubs Arnold
April 2015

We will miss your ever wagging tail, your constant need to roll on your back for a proper belly rub, your destruction of squeakers and your lil lappy tongue. 
Love, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Michelle and your doggy cousins Harry & Rhea

Annie In Memory of Annie
March 2015

Thankful and blessed for the 15 years of joy and happiness
you brought to our lives.

Suzy & Tommy, Amy & Matt, Molly & J

Suzie In Memory of Suzie
March 2015

In honor of our beloved Suzie whom we love and cherish in our memories every day.
You are in our hearts forever.

Mama & Daddy

 In Memory of Paula R. Dennard
February 10, 2015

On behalf of sweet little Satchmo (David Dennard's best buddy),
in memory of Paula R. Dennard.

Sara J. Evans

Shorty In Memory of Shorty
January 2015

In memory of shorty aka low pups rider you made my life so much better in the 9 years we spent together I will love you always and miss you more then words can say run free my little man

perry glenn

In Loving Memory of Ginger Anderson
January 2015

We will miss your wagging tail and funny personality. Just so you know, you can make eye contact with Jesus and the angels. They'll take good care of you until the rest of us get to Heaven.

The Peckhams
San Angelo, Texas

In Memory of Marvin
December 23, 2014

Marvin was rescued from a Northeast Texas kill shelter in March of 2013 in horrible condition.  His skin, ears and teeth were severely infected. He had a heart murmur and his spirit seemed broken. He was already a senior and had very little chance of finding an adopter considering his age and health issues. We couldn’t turn our backs on him even though we suspected that he may never be healthy enough to be chosen by an adoptive family. Marvin’s visits to the rescue vet revealed not only neglect but abuse as well. Marvin had several bruises on his little body and a BB embedded in his side. He had long scars across his back. He was extremely hand shy and thought any touch would result in pain. Marvin’s foster parents never gave up on him and worked hard to show him that people could be kind. He learned about soft blankets fresh from the dryer, rotisserie chicken from Costco and canned Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner. He loved sunning himself on the deck and sitting by his foster parents on the couch. While Marvin was finally enjoying life his congestive heart failure continued to progress despite treatment. He passed away peacefully in his foster home two days before Christmas of 2014.  

Marvin is greatly missed by his foster parents. There will never be another Marvin. You mattered and you were loved. Rest in peace sweet boy.

In Memory of Harry
December 2014

In memory of Jose Garay's beloved Harry.

Gail Wilmoth

Charlotte and Oscar Weant

In Honor of Charlotte & Oscar
December 2014

In honor of Charlotte & Oscar (aka DLT Bronson).  Thank you DLT for bringing Oscar to us and making our Dachshund family complete!

Kevin & Rachel Weant

Dexter Quan

In Memory of Dexter
2005 - 7/7/2014

In memory of Dexter. Dumped at the city pound by his previous owner for not getting along with their other dog. On 5/25/2007 I scooped up the sweetest 2 year old boy and never looked back. Dexter was the sweetest, quirkiest, friendliest, most outgoing dog I've ever had.

Stephanie Quan

In Honor of Miss Molly
December 2014

On behalf of Miss Molly adopted 1/9/14 and her forever family.

The Elsafty's

In Memory of Ginger
October 2014

In Loving memory of Ginger and in honor of her best friend Julie.

Rachel Smiley

Hopie In Memory of Hopie (Gracie)
August 2014

Even though I was your foster mom for five short days, your beautiful spirit will remain in my heart always.  I love you and miss you, sweet girl.

Holly Holstead

In Memory of Kevin Dow
July 2014

Gayle Smith

In Memory of James Herald
June 2014

In loving memory of James Herald,
the ultimate spoiler of dachshunds.

Adrienne Vivar

In Memory of Texie
May 2014

In memory of Texie aka The Little.  We will miss you so much. 
Thank you for the last 15 years of love and companionship.  You will always be Mommy's little girl.

CR Limerick

In Honor
March, 2014

In honor of Mike and Cheryl Flowers' 25th Wedding Anniversary

Kim Pearson

In Honor of my Fosters
December 15, 2013

In honor of the fosters that have come into my life... Annie, Opie, Fiona, Winnie, Ariel and Franie.  May you live long lives filled with love because DLT rescued you.

Holly Holstead


In Honor of Daphne
November 2013

Here's hoping we spend many happy years together with The Hogs & Danny.

I love you!
Nancy Henderson

In Honor of Hope & Lynn
October 2013

In honor of Hope & Lynn's upcoming wedding!  To help pay for the vet care needed for the little doxie mix needing eye care.  And DLT, Thank you for your countless hours volunteering in so many ways to save and re-home so many precious Dachshunds!  :-)

Shirley & Judge Kevin Madison


In Memory of Harley
September 2013

In honor & loving memory of Harley.
Our six months together changed us both forever.

Nancy Henderson


In Memory of Roody (Roody-Toots)
1999 - August 5, 2013

Thanks DLT for sending us our sweet boy.

Terry Lundberg

In Memory of Rhett
April 2013

Carole Sampeck

In Honor of Heidi
January 2013

Thankful for my Heidi

Janet Jennings

In Memory Of Paris Copeland
December 2012

One tough cookie... her nickname was Landshark.

Tammy, Jeff and Katie Marie Étouffée Philipp


In Memory Of Romeo
2002 - 11/10/2012 

In 2002, Romeo was a 9 month old puppy when he was dumped at a shelter. The reason?  His owners had just returned from a month long vacation in Hawaii and were furious over their high boarding bill.  We adopted this precious loving soul and had 10 wonderful years of his love.  Romeo is the reason we got involved in dachshund rescue.  We adopted 7 more dachshunds over the years, fostered for a while, and we will be life long supporters of dachshund rescue.  In July of this year, Romeo was diagnosed with a severe heart condition.  On Nov. 10th, Romeo joined his beloved Dr. Herbert Y. Wong in heaven.  Romeo and Herbert were inseparable during Herbert's 2 year courageous battle with cancer.  Rest in peace our precious little Romeo.  We will always love you!

Shirley, Kevin & Rachel Madison
Yoki & Sam Wong


In Memory of Lexie
December 2012

Shirley & Kevin Madison

In Honor of Kelly & Philip Parsons
December 2012

Wendy Rocco


In Memory Of Lexie
1997 - 11/19/2012

Our favorite eating buddy.

Tammy & Jeff Philipp

Lexie & Rooby

In Memory of Lexie & Rooby
November 2012

April Scott

In Memory Of Luke, Rooby & Lexie
November 2012

Honoring and missing Luke, Rooby & Lexie from our lives.
They would want to help all those still waiting on their forever homes.

Cindy & Christy


In Memory Of Lexie
1997 - 11/19/2012

In loving memory of our precious Lexie Girl aka The Beast.  She made us laugh every day and we treasured every moment we had with her.  She enjoyed her food very much and was quite vocal if you were slow with her treats.  The years flew by much too fast and we miss her so much.
We love you Lexie and will never forget you, our sweet old girl.

Hope & Lynn

In Memory Of Megin and Rodney
November 2012

R.I.P. Megin and Rodney 2009

Crystal Parker


In Memory Of Rusty
August 2012

Sometimes our time together is far too brief. That's the way it was with Rusty. At fifteen years old, Rusty was rescued from the Dallas shelter with severe untreated heartworm. Despite doing what we could, there was no way to cure the damage his infestation had caused. Sadly, Rusty lost the battle and succumbed to his condition shortly after he was rescued. Rusty was a sweet boy who always wagged and cuddled, and he had a wonderful love of life. Special thanks to Rusty's adopter, who opened his heart and household to Rusty knowing his time was limited. Rusty was dumped at the shelter by his previous owner because "he wouldn't play anymore". Our best to Rusty, who can now play as much as he wants and doesn't have to worry about people neglecting him ever again. Our love goes with him!

Rich & Kim Hoffman


In Memory Of Penny
2000 - July, 2012

Penelope was with us for almost eleven years of her life. She was always hungry, always wagging, always loud, and always loving to every person she met. Somewhere Penny is still howling to let everone know it's time for dinner; rest in peace, sweet Penny.

Rich & Kim Hoffman


In Memory Of Rooby Hodges
2/14/99 - 4/27/12

Judy Martin


In Memory Of Rooby Hodges
2/14/99 - 4/27/12

A cuter Dachshund there never was.  

Tammy & Jeff Philipp, Katie too

In Memory Of Rooby Hodges
2/14/99 - 4/27/12
Rooby was a huge part of our life and so very unique. She was 10 lbs of fearlessness packed into that little body and we have so many wonderful memories. She's the reason we became involved in dachshund rescue & countless lives have been saved as a result.
If Love could have saved you, you never would have gone.
We love you Rooby and will never forget you.
Hope & Lynn


In Memory Of Hercules Parsons
1/1999 - 3/2006

Hercules was our very first furkid. We lost him much too early at only age 7. Diagnosed with an inoperable spinal tumor, our Hercules bravely carried on for another 12 months. We set him up with a mobile wheel chair so he could continue to enjoy walks in the park with his brother Caesar. When the time came to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge, we held him in our arms and with Caesar there too, we said ‘Good-bye’. Rest in Peace our brave little Hercules. You gave us much joy and taught us how to live with enthusiasm, even in the shadow of disability.

Kelly & Philip Parsons

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