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Ready To Love But Unable to Adopt?
Sponsor a Sanctuary Dachshund!

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Sanctuary Dachshunds

Sanctuary means a safe place, a comfortable and secure environment. Many of our rescued Dachshunds have what some might consider high-maintenance needs. They may need regular medication, a special diet, ongoing veterinary care, or long-term consistent rehabilitation, either behavioral or medical.

These Dachshunds deserve love and comfort every bit as much as those that are considered easily adoptable, but they are often the last ones to find a forever home, and often overlooked at shelters. It takes a special person to provide the best care needed for a Sanctuary Dachshund, and it can require an open budget as well as open arms and a loving heart.

Dachshund Lovers of Texas makes every effort to provide the best quality of life possible for all our rescues, including those Dachshunds we consider in need of sanctuary. These dogs make wonderful pets for the right adopters.

Even if they are never adopted, our Sanctuary Dachshunds will have a safe, comfortable home with experienced caregivers within our organization. There is no time limit on loving care for our rescues.

Given the high cost of meeting the long-term needs of most of these Dachshunds, we depend on fundraising and your generous contributions to help. Whether it is a one-time donation or an ongoing monthly sponsorship, every donation makes it possible for us to continue to rescue Dachshunds in need of Sanctuary.  We rescue these Dachshunds for life; please help us provide sanctuary to as many of these deserving Dachshunds as possible.

Ready To Love But Unable to Adopt?
Sponsor a Sanctuary Dachshund!

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