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January 13, 2012 - Alani was another long-term foster. She’d had and recoverd from a major hernia, internal infections, and a host of other medical problems. Alani was never a low-maintenance girl, but she was a loving one who always bounced back. However, that could only last so long. Eventually Alani passed from heart failure during an unavoidable surgical procedure. Sadly, despite knowing that Alani was a high-risk candidate, there was no choice. Rest in peace, Alani, and may you know no pain and much love.

January 23, 2014 - Amber was just 11 weeks old when we rescued her from the Humane Society of N Texas. She had a severe heart murmur due to a congenital heart defect. She was immediately seen by a specialist who deemed her a candidate for surgery. Her little heart just couldn't overcome the problems she was born with and she passed peacefully during surgery. Run free little Amber! You were a strong little girl and we all love & miss you very much.

Angel Renee
January 31, 2014: Angel Renee came to us with multiple medical problems - large bladder stones, mammary tumors, dental disease. We took care of all of these issues and Angel Renee was a happy girl again. Not long after she was in foster care she was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease, and if that weren't enough to deal with, she was also diagnosed with Cancer. Her foster family made it their mission to give her as much quality time as possible. They showered her with love and lots of TLC, and Angel Renee had several wonderful months with them. Run free, sweet girl, you are now truly an Angel.

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