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5/30/2023 7:16 PM
We Need You! Dachshund Lovers of Texas depends on our great team of volunteers to make our dream of rescuing dachshunds a reality. The more volunteers and foster parents we have, the more homeless dachshunds we can save.  Expand your circle of like-minded friends and have fun saving dachshunds!

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For those who say, “Oh, I could never foster because I couldn’t give up a dog once I have it in my home!” – fostering is a wonderful and rewarding experience! What you receive in return far outweighs the temporary heartache of letting your beloved foster dog go to their forever home. When you see them in the arms of their new family, and receive emails with pictures of them snuggling on the sofa or exploring their new backyard, playing with their new doggie brother(s) or sister(s) you’ll know you played a big part in making that a reality. As a foster parent you’re like a “stepping stone” to their new life – you provide a safe & loving environment for them, caring for them as you would one of your own pets; helping to prepare them for their forever home. DLT pays for all vetting and heartworm preventative – you just provide the love, attention and good quality food!

Pinto and ButterFostering is not a lifetime commitment!! You may foster once and decide it's not for you - that's ok too! Many of our foster families felt the same way when they fostered their first pet; but years later they are still fostering and wouldn't trade it for the world! Whatever your level of commitment, whether it’s to foster one right after another, or just an occasional foster, we welcome you to join us and experience the joy of fostering a homeless dachshund.

Be a part of the solution!

You may not change the whole world, but you can sure change the world for a lot of dachshunds!

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