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Miss Cupcake's Sponsorship Page
Miss Cupcake

Miss Cupcake is an incredibly sweet, active, and cute senior lady who came to us with two gigantic bladder stones and a mouth needing almost full extractions. She is recovering well from the bladder surgery but will need special food for the rest of her life, as well as regular monitoring to make sure she's not forming more stones or having any other related problems. She is also working on recovery from her dental surgery but may need additional procedures to try to close the holes the serious long-term dental disease left between the canine area and the sinuses. Meanwhile, Miss Cupcake has been a real joy to work with through all of this. While we won't be sure if or when she will be healthy enough to consider for adoption, Miss Cupcake would really benefit from assistance with her ongoing dietary and veterinary needs. Any sponsorship would be appreciated, but don't worry- we will continue to make sure Miss Cupcake is happy, comfy, and gets the best possible care!

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